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Marketing> Search Engine Optimization

Hough & Wood Technology Group's Search Engine Optimization

Along with the advanced technology of the internet comes advanced marketing strategies. Before the internet was developed, businesses relied on traditional methods of advertising such as television commercials, newspaper ads or the yellow pages. The advent of the "web site" made it easier to get your company's vision presented.

But what is the point of having the best web site in the world if it isn't seen? It would be pointless to create a state of the art site if nobody knows it even exists. To solve this problem search engines were created which contain millions of bits of information on just about every web site created. Search engines help the consumer to quickly locate information. However, owning a web site does not mean you will be listed on every search engine, or even one of them. You might be "number 8,538 of 674,194 pages found" and possibly never even have any visitors find your web site. The key is to be listed in those first few pages of the search results.

Hough & Wood Technology Group will drive viewers to your site through our proven Search Engine Optimization Marketing Strategies.

Web Site Optimization
Hough & Wood Technology Group first performs a critical analysis of your businesses products and/or services and target the appropriate keyword phrases that are appropriate to your business. We research your competition, and how well they are placed in the search engines and set goals of surpassing them and getting you to the top of the search engines. To accomplish this, Hough & Wood Technology Group will optimize your web site while it is being designed so that it is search engine friendly.

Link Popularity
The more external links to your web site the better your web site will appear in the search engines. Search engines assume that if you have many links to your site, then you must be important and therefore rank you higher compared to a new site with no links. This is taken into consideration by more and more search engines. Google relies on this heavily. Most new web sites do not have any external links, so it is highly recommend that you get as many external links as possible. Hough & Wood Technology Group will research appropriate web sites and directories to increase your link popularity.

Create Additional Targeted Web Sites
Hough & Wood Technology Group creates an entire web site that targets a specific keyword. For example, if you want to show up very well for "titanium widgets", we would create http://www.titanium-widgets.com/ (if that domain is available) and target everything on this site to it. It doesn't have to be very large (10 pages at most), or even have a lot of graphics. Loading it with text and links to your main site is the most important. Search engines love that. If you are really aggressive you can utilize our Pay for Placement and Directory Listing programs.

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