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Portfolio> Case Studies of Web Development

Hough & Wood Technology Group's Case Studies of Web Development

Fine Art and Antiques Web Site

An example of an online content management system which displays products and is easily maintained. The administrator can simply login and make edits, deletions and additions through their browser. This site allows the admin to upload photos while it dynamically crops and reduces the file size so that it is viewable for a web audience.

Perform Search

User can perform advanced searches, narrowing down what they are looking for by selecting specific details or setting ranges to search.
Search Results/Detail

After the search is performed, the user is taken to the search results page. Each product contains a thumbnail photo along with a brief description. To view a more detailed description along with a larger photo, they would simply click on the thumbnail of the picture they want to see.

The results can be arranged in any order required, from A to Z, sorted by date ranges, etc.

Administration of Site's Content

Hough & Wood Technology Group can provide you with a very easy to maintain web site with a content management system that you can access through your web browser. You can make changes at any time and at your convenience.

Once the administrator logs in with a user name and password, an admin menu appears with various selections. Every area is password protected, so you unauthorized users cannot make changes.

Every content management system is customized to each client's requirements and is created for easy administration.

Edit/Delete/Insert Data

The administrator can easily change anything on their web site such as editing descriptions, prices, graphics and more! Hough & Wood Technology Group utilizes error checking so that text is not accidentally entered in a price field or accidentally "deleted". The system will provide verification every step of the way. Of course, if you add a typo, it is very easy to fix. Just click on the "edit" button and you will have it fixed in seconds.

All of the changes are posted in real time, so it is instantly viewable to the public.

Once the admin is finished, they simply "log out".

Interested in a similar system? They are surprisingly affordable. Please contact Hough & Wood Technology Group for an estimate.

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